Who am I ?:


Jean BOURGEOIS-DESBOUTIN, I was born in France in 1943 near Paris.

After going to school in France and Monaco, I enjoyed British education at the DOVER COLLEGE in DOVER. Then, having done my military duty, I had the rather peculiar idea to go to Germany so as to follow the courses of the HEIDELBERG Administration School where I spent two years.



What I have achieved:


Mainly tourism and hotel business, more precisely hotel administration

I entered CLUB MED in 1970 and stayed there for 30 years. One could easily say I made a career.

In the “Villages” at first, in charge of the bank and later as the administration manager, Morocco,  Martinique, Yugoslavia, Switzerland, Tahiti, Ivory Coast and why not France also.

In 1978 I was nominated “Country Manager”, based at Papeete where I had the responsibility of the two “Villages” in French Polynesia located on the islands of Moorea and Bora Bora.


I held this post until 1984, when I was sent to Tokyo Japan as Manager regarding the operations and the development until 1992. Meanwhile I opened the first Club Med “Village” on the northern Island : HOKKAžDO. Later I discovered a splendid piece of land in the southern archipelago of OKINAWA where was opened since the second “Village” in Japan.


In the end of 1992, I was called in Paris at the Club Med’s headquarters to be in charge of the General Administration. In 1995 I was sent to Moscow in order to open a sales network in Russia. The mission was to develop the Club Med’s market which was completely unknown at that time in “Great Russia”.


I quitted Club Med in October 1999 for the Principality of Monaco so as to participate in the Principality’s preparation for the 2000 Hanover World Expo. I went to Hanover as manager of the Monaco Pavilion, which was a very interesting experience indeed.


I retired in 2003 but I feel and, above all, need to have a punctual activity in a professional field I have already experienced.


Right now, I regularly replace my cousin for the management of a small boarding house located in French Polynesia, more exactly on the island of Maupiti where I usually stay four months a year.








I wish to carry on what I have always done:


- Manage and animate a hotel unit, take care of the clients and administrate the personnel.


- Perform replacement missions during determinate periods, in boarding houses, host rooms or small hotel units.


I can speak five languages: English, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese and a little bit of Russian.


I know accounting, human resources’ administration and the main

softwares such as Word, Excel and Powerpoint.


I like working in an atmosphere that reminds me of Club Med, that is always keeping in mind to satisfy the clients.


Do not hesitate in contacting me at: j.bourgeois@archipels.net